10 Signs that She's a Keeper

Fellas, we get a bad rap. Everyone says we're not serious about finding love. But I've got news for you: we are. Sometimes, we just don't know where to start. That's why I've put together 10 traits that you should look for in a keeper.

  1. She commands respect.
    A keeper makes her standards known from day one, and sticks to them.
  2. She dresses appropriately.
    A keeper knows how to look sexy while leaving something to the imagination.
  3. She dances respectably.
    A keeper doesn't let a man feel all over her body on the dance floor.
  4. She waits for you to call.
    A keeper knows that any man that's serious will make the first call.
  5. She can hold court with Mom.
    A keeper is able to hold a respectable conversation with her man's Mother.
  6. She can adapt to anything.
    A keeper can handle herself in any situation, from a sporting event to the boardroom.
  7. She wants to settle down.
    A keeper can see herself as a wife, and will in turn attract a man who can see himself as a husband.
  8. She's introduce-able.
    If a woman is a keeper, her man will be eager to introduce her to his friends and family.
  9. She's loyal.
    A keeper doesn't get going when the going gets tough.
  10. She's supportive
    A keeper understands that a man validates himself by what he does, how much he makes and appreciates that he handles his business.
  11. By Steve Harvey for Delightful.com


Meet Love Minded Women

Introducing Delightful — the new dating site from relationship expert Steve Harvey. Meet men that are serious about finding love and get expert dating advice to help you along the way. Find love and keep it on Delightful.


Meet Love Minded Men

Introducing Delightful — the new dating site from relationship expert Steve Harvey. Meet women that are serious about finding love and get expert dating advice to help you along the way. Find love and keep it on Delightful.



  My name is Tracey Kelly and I want to let you in on what has transpired in my life. Just last month, January 2015, I was discouraged about starting another new year with no one in my life, no one to share love with so I decided to sign up to Delightful.com. I thought, Steve wouldn't let me down, there has got to be decency within the pool of men offered through this site, not deceitfulness!!
I set up my free profile and after I did, the likes, flirts and chatting with interested men soon occurred. Still on the fence and apprehensive, I sat for a few days trying to figure out if I could do this. What if the guys are just out for one thing?? So by day four, I went and set up my account and placed no restrictions within the US to try and find that special someone. The pools of men started flowing in but none caught my attention until four days in (yes four days!!) a man, laid back in his photo came across my computer screen. His name is Jean-Pierre Watson. He had written things like no one else did. He came across highly articulate, had a beautiful smile and was not that far away. I live in Connecticut, he lives in New Jersey. I was simply intrigued by him, his values and beliefs and him by me.
After communicating for less than a month, we just had our first date on Saturday, February 21, 2015. We each traveled to a half way point, in public(just in case). Steve, can I tell you that after looking into his hazel eyes, my butterflies went away and as we shared the day into the night, I could just tell we shared the same passions, desires and wants out of a relationship. It had started snowing midday so we found cover in small pubs, shops, and yes even church. We had both been hurt, cheated on by countless others and had reservations that falling in love again would not come across our paths. It is now not the case, at all!! Snow continued to fall that day, into the night and all night well into our dinner date and getting home was treacherous. Calmly, I felt safe and at peace knowing Jean-Pierre was by my side!!
Many thanks to Delightful.com because without this site, for me, I could not have found such a special, deep loving man who just takes my breath away and makes my knees weak. Jean-Pierre knows I am writing this and with incredible sincerity, he would tell you the same.
Thank you Steve Harvey and staff!! We would not and could not have found one another without the site's assistance. How easy it was and I wish everyone could find bliss and be as joyful as we start our life together.
I have nothing but great things to say about Steve Harvey and Delightful.com and would recommend this site to anyone struggling to find that someone special.

With much love, gratitude and appreciation--

Tracey Kelly and Jean-Pierre Watson

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